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Gay porn legend Jeff Stryker

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gay porn movie bigger than life Bigger Than Life

Jeff Stryker's first film, made in 1986 and directed by Matt Sterling, Bigger Than Life is the starting point for any collection of Jeff Stryker films. Also starring Tom Brock, Keith Ericson, Joe Gibbons, Mike Gray, Jim Pulver, Jeff Quinn, Kevin Wiles.

stryker force Stryker Force

Huge Video goes to boot camp to give you the Matt Sterling feature Stryker Force. Super Porn star Jeff Stryker with his cast of commandos take on the world to get you off. Also stars Doug Cory, Ted Dowell, Steve Hammond, Robert Harris, Gavin Jeffrey, Jim Pulver, Jeff Stryker, Kevin Williams.

jeff stryker is in jail again in powerful 2 Powerfull II - The Return

Jeff's back in jail, and this time he's REALLY GOING DOWN! This steamy sequel to the classic Jeff Stryker prison film Powertool stars, this film, which was also directed by Jeff, stars many of the classic gay porn stars of that period, including Peter Alexander, Beau Beaumont, Dany Brown, Joe Cade, Jeff Dixon, Steve Kennedy, Giorgio Meselli, Doug Niles, Alex Stone, Jeff Stryker, Rick Stryker, Neil Thomas.

Jeff Stryker Does Hard Time

Another Jeff Stryker prison movie! Jeff's fans just love seeing him in jail! This film also features playgirl model Randy Savino, newcomer award winner Jackson Price, Mr.International rubber Brad McGuire, stars Dante Foxx, Kurt Wagner and Sarabia. Over 3 years in the making with hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on production.

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jeff stryker in powertool Powertool - Anniversary Edition

THE classic gay prison movie, Catalina Video presents THE TENTH ANNIVERSARY EDITION OF POWERTOOL. You'll have to see it to believe it. The tenth anniversay edition of Powertool gives you more action! Existing scenes have been enhanced with original source footage including increased camera angles. And two entirely new segments have been added in tribute to the thousands of Powertool fans. Look for the famous prison strip search scene where Jeff Stryker is order to strip naked, bend over, and spread his cheeks for the guard.


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